Benefits of Geotargeting

Geotargeting offers numerous opportunities to advertisers to better connect with potential customers and encourage conversion.

Business owners with an online presence must make every effort to optimize their website and online advertisements for conversion. You may have an excellent product/service and/or an impressive advertisement, but if it is not displayed properly to the appropriate audience at the appropriate time and in the appropriate place, then you are probably losing out on potential customers and wasting marketing dollars. This is why geotargeting is crucial to making sure that your website content and online ads are getting the right exposure to increase the probability of conversion.

In a nutshell, geotargeting is identifying an Internet user’s geolocation by IP, Wi-Fi, or GPS and making use of that valuable data to serve content or advertisement that is suitable to that location. Geo targeted content or ads can bring you closer to your goals, whether that is compelling website visitors to sign up for a newsletter, or encouraging Internet users to visit your website and make a purchase. For example, a person surfing the net and doing a Google search for “Japanese restaurants” in Manila, Philippines will get different results from someone from New York City who uses the same keywords. Results specific to the user’s location will naturally be more helpful and compel conversion.

How Geotargeting Can Help

Bridge Language Barriers

You have the responsibility as a business owner to make sure that your traffic is getting relevant content. One of the benefits of geo targeted content is that you can match the language to the visitor’s country of origin. The website for Four Seasons Hotels allows visitors to choose their preferred language. It also provides a location finder to make it easy to look for desired destination hotels.

ip targeting

Simplify Currency Conversion

Conversion rates may improve if you display the currency of the visitor’s country of origin. displays various currencies for the products depending on the visitor’s location. Below shows a search for vintage home décor from Australia with prices in AUD.

ip targeting

Restrict Your Visibility

One of the benefits of geo targeted advertising is that you can maximize your budget and funnel expenses and efforts into delivering ads that will bring the most qualified leads. A Texas tire dealership’s online banner ad for discounts on car tires in that particular area probably won’t appeal to someone who lives in Minnesota. In this case, it will make better sense to spend money to advertise to Internet users who live and work in that specific state.

Launch Multiple Location-Specific Campaigns

Businesses, such as restaurants, with numerous branches within a particular metropolis can take advantage of geotargeting by creating a different online advertisement for each city. Each ad can be displayed on different schedules, have a unique message and even include the name of the city in the ad copy. The ads can then point to the various physical locations and visitors who click on them should be pointed to the nearest local shop.

Tap Customers On the Move

Geo targeted mobile ads allow you to reach out to potential customers even when they are on the move, by pushing specific ads based on their proximity to a brick-and-mortar shop. You can advertise on social media apps, such as Facebook, which allow users to check in to a particular establishment. You have the unique opportunity to provide promotional offers to those who are near your vicinity. One good example of the use of this approach is when Starbucks offered discounted beverages to people who wandered near one of their stores.
These are only a few examples of how geotargeting can help you maximize your marketing efforts and budget. There are various online marketing companies that work together with geolocation services to assist businesses get started with launching geo targeting advertising.