Elements of a Successful Display Ad

You can ensure that your display ads get the best chance to help you get the results that you want by employing these important elements.

Numerous targeting technologies are now available for those who want to get their message to their desired online audiences. It is important to note, however, that poor display advertising can’t be helped by even the most advanced of targeting technologies.

Display ads can get a little tricky: create one that’s too flashy and it will immediately repel your audience instead of draw them in. On the other hand, if you create one that’s too understated you will run the risk of the ad being downright inconspicuous. Did you know that, when measuring click-through-rate (CTR), strong ads can outperform weak ones by as much as 200%? Successful display ads mean superior advertising campaign efficacy.

How to Make Successful Display Ads

  1. Eye-catching display advertising – You have to make sure that your display ads are visually interesting. This can be made possible by using animated ads. While this may require more time, effort and skill, you can be sure that the endeavor will be well worth it. The animated banner ad doesn’t have to be too flashy or contain a full video; just changing the images and rotating the text on your advertisement can make a significant effect on how it is received by audiences. Benji Rabhan calls this the Shimmer Effect, as the tiny movement of the animated banner ad draws the eyes.
  2. Improve conversion results with localization – You can take advantage of the knowledge you have of where your prospects live by utilizing targeted banner ads. People will respond better to ads that they can relate to, such as promotions or discounts at a store or restaurant in their neighborhood or city.
  3. Personalization is your friend – You have to make the most out of the limited amount of time that your audience is exposed to your ad, and you can do this by personalizing your message. Who is most likely to buy your product or take advantage of your services? If you are marketing a sports wear/equipment store, you can personalize your message by saying “Special Offers for Triathletes”.
  4. Strong, clear Call-to-Action is a must – It is not possible to overstate the importance of a clear, strong call-to-action, since this is the primary purpose of display ads. Let your audience know what they will get for clicking on your ad; in fact, make clicking on your ad worth their time and effort by providing a special promo, discount or freebie. Use a simple, effective phrase and an actionable verb. You can also use a button, an arrow, or any other interactive element that will draw your audience and compel them to click.
  5. Optimize landing page to maximize conversion – Your landing page is an important factor in the efficacy of your display ad campaign. It should provide the essential information that your prospect needs to convert. One important thing to remember is to make your landing page consistent with the display ad, in terms of design and message, so as not to confuse your audience. The landing page should emphasize the same benefit, offer or discount that is mentioned on your ad. It is equally important to make it easy and simple for prospects to buy from you, fill up a form or sign up for a newsletter. Remember that a convoluted, lengthy process will turn your audience off. You can actually test which techniques will increase conversion using Google Analytics Experiments, which you can find under the “Behavior Tab” in Google Analytics.